Steps To Prepare For When Your Children Turn 18

It seems as if there is more paperwork and financial strain on parents and grandparents of teenagers than ever before. Not only are you teaching them how to "adult" so they don't lose sight of their goals, dreams, and preparing for a successful future, but you are having to help find funds for college, transportation, and added expenses in those final years. Finally, they turn 18 and you push them into the world to test the waters for themselves. If your child has reached the teenage years, you may already feel as though you are losing control of her life. This is legally true once your child reaches the age of 18 because the state considers her to be an adult with the legal right to govern

Reflection on the 4th

When I was young, I remember the 4th of July being all about fireworks and BBQ. We’d go down to the local municipal park, go out on the boat; fish, swim and end the night with a bang watching the fireworks go off. Other than Christmas, there wasn’t a much better holiday for a kid. As I reflect back upon the holiday now, I see it in a very different light. The 4th of July is one of our few holidays that doesn’t fall within the school year, where teachers can reinforce the hallowed meanings of our sacred days….Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, etc. And although all of us know it is our Independence Day, I think very few of us understand the daring and courageous act our founding fathers

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