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May The Force Be With Your New Year's Planning

The end of the holiday season is only a few weeks away. With that comes the planning and the standard New Year’s resolutions that people make to begin the year strong. Some pledge to lose weight, spend more time with loved ones, spend less money, and eat better. Others may set larger goals such as selling a home, a career change, growing their family, starting a business, and so much more. This personal and/or professional planning may require more mental, physical, and emotional force and support.

Studies show that the majority of those setting goals for the new year do not fulfill all of their goals. They stop short of some of the more important resolutions, leaving more to add the the following year's list. This continues year over year until its too late for some change to occur.

Among these many resolutions, it is not common for people to decide to create estate plans or to update them. After all, planning for one’s passing can be a morbid proposition; and who wants to do that when the beginning of the year is supposed to be festive and filled with promise?! Nevertheless, Estate Planning personally and professionally, is an important step that can help you and your loved ones in the new year and beyond.

Here are a few reasons why...

Save Time & Money

Have you considered the amount of time and money for you and your loved ones that can be involved in probate, in addition to the potential legal battles over your estate? There are ways to minimize or possibly eliminate the cost of legal battles after your passing through Estate Planning.

Alleviate Confusion

Part of the emotional pain that comes with dealing with a loved one’s passing is that the family may not know what to do with jointly owned property or assets that they did not know existed until after the person’s death. Spending a short amount of time with an Estate Planning Attorney and putting together your personal and/or professional plan can help alleviate confusion among your loved ones during a time of need.

Leave A Legacy

Most want to have peace of mind that their values and traditions will be passed on to future generations. Having a detailed Estate Plan is an important part of that process.

About the Company:

Heritage Law Group, PLLC is a boutique Estate Planning and Elder Law firm assisting residents in Tennessee and Kentucky. We are dedicated to providing client-centered, professional legal services that are individualized through one-on-one consultations. We delight in empowering our clients and community through education and providing specialized resources. Our integrity-driven team will help you protect your legacy while delivering outstanding quality at a reasonable cost.

Owner, Jake Mason, J.D., LL.M. (Elder Law & Estate Planning), EPLS, is board-certified in Estate Planning and Probate, accredited by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and licensed in Kentucky and Tennessee. Contact us to schedule a consultation at (615) 989-7054 or

Your Legacy Is Our Priority™

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