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The Top 5 Reasons To Become A Tech Savvy Senior

Although the “digital divide” is closing, there are still many senior citizens who remain apprehensive about jumping into technology use. However, technology can be a very useful tool in the hands of seniors. Let’s discuss the benefits of becoming a tech savvy senior.

1. Social Connections

Technology is an excellent way to maintain social connections, even when seniors may not be able to get out and about. Social media is an excellent way to keep in contact with family and friends. Many seniors are finding their way to online social media sites like Facebook. Family and friends can share photos and videos and send messages. Texting is another excellent way to stay connected to family and friends. In fact, many grandparents are realizing that if they want to communicate more with their grandchildren, they must learn to embrace texting. Another excellent way to preserve social connections is to use video communication like FaceTime and Skype. These allow the senior to see the person while talking to them.

2. Safety

Technology provides many options for the safety of senior citizens. Medical alert technology helps seniors in trouble to access the help they need in the event of an accident, such as a fall. Of course, security systems provide safety for seniors against break-ins and home invasions. Apps that provide medication reminders can be very beneficial to seniors. For example, if a senior has an app to remind them to take medication, they do not run as much risk of forgetting to take the medication or forgetting they have taken the medication and over dosing himself or herself. Technology that provides safety for seniors helps them maintain their independence.

3. Convenience

Technology can make tasks easier for senior citizens. Let’s take for example, online grocery shopping services. These services allow seniors to order groceries and household needs online. Then the senior can go to the store, pull into the designated area, and the groceries are brought right to their car and loaded for them. This cuts down on the amount of lifting and can help those who have mobility issues. Online shopping is another use of technology that brings more convenience to the lives of seniors. Many seniors are unable to get out and about or just prefer to avoid crowds on the road and in stores. For this reason, online shopping can be very appealing and convenient.

4. Exercise

Technology is a useful tool for seniors who want to stay active. Devices like the Fitbit or other step trackers can motivate seniors to get up and get moving. There are also a number of apps for cell phones and iPads or other tablets that provide seniors with exercise programs and tracking. In addition, the internet also offers many programs to help seniors get exercise.

5. Entertainment

Technology provides entertainment for people of all ages, including senior citizens. Services provide access to movies and music. Devices have apps for many kinds of games that seniors can play. Many of these activities can be done virtually with friends and family as well. Kindles and other e-readers can make books more readily available to senior citizens. Many books are available in electronic format for free through libraries and others are available to buy online. The print is adjustable which helps with poor eyesight. Not only do many of the apps provide entertainment, but they can also keep the minds of seniors sharp. Crossword, Sudoku, and other puzzle and brain games can be entertaining and keep seniors’ minds alert.

Seniors should not be afraid of technology. It can make life easier, more convenient, and more fun. Seniors can find new ways to keep up with busy family and friends. If technology makes you or a senior you love apprehensive, look for free classes at your local library, senior center, or through community education.

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