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What Is The Role Of An Elder Law Attorney?

If you or a loved one is aging, you likely have many questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, end-of-life decisions and a variety of other matters. This is where an Elder Law Attorney can help you navigate your way through all the issues elderly people face, answer your questions, and put your mind at ease.

FindLaw explains that elder law attorneys advocate for older people and their families and focus their practices on a wide range of issues and concerns that affect senior citizens as opposed to younger people. Consequently, an elder law attorney can advise, counsel and provide you with legal representation in the following areas:

  • Drafting your will, trusts and other estate planning documents

  • Drafting your advance healthcare directive and your durable financial power of attorney

  • Advising you of your long-term care options

  • Helping you plan and apply for Medicare and/or Medicaid

  • Explaining your rights if and when you become a resident of an assisted living facility or nursing home

Finding An Elder Law Attorney

Naturally, you want to find an elder law attorney you can trust and with whom you can be completely open and honest about all your concerns. Consequently, do not hesitate to ask any prospective attorney the following questions:

  • What percentage of your time do you devote to elder law issues?

  • Do you have a particular emphasis or focus within the elder law area?

  • What information and documents should I be prepared to share with you at our first meeting?

  • What are your legal fees?

Benefits of Working With A Certified Elder Law Attorney

The Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) certification by the National Elder Law Foundation has frequently been referred to as “the gold standard” for elder law and special needs practitioners. This reflects the hard work and proof required before an attorney can proudly proclaim that he or she holds the valued designation. Preparation for a CELA designation includes several steps and several different types of qualification, all of which are designed to assure that clients receive good legal care. Before being certified, an applicant must: 1. Have practiced law for at least five years, and have focused at least half of their practice in the special needs/elder law field for at least the last three of those years. 2. Demonstrate “substantial involvement” in special needs and elder law practice, by demonstrating a minimum number of individual cases, spread across a number of different categories making up the “elder law” definition. 3. Study for, take and pass a rigorous, day-long written examination. Recent pass rates have been below 50% — and that is of applicants who have already met the experience requirements. 4. Undergo a review by peers and colleagues, focused on the applicant’s reputation for ethical and competent representation in elder law and special needs planning matters. There are over 500 CELAs in the country, so not every community has even one person who has been certified. Your lawyer should be a CELA — it is your surest method of independently confirming that she (or he) is more than just qualified. After all, you deserve the best legal representation available.

What Can We Do For You?

Our team at Mason & Associates Elder Law & Estate Planning is able to provide connections to assist you and your family beyond just legal needs as a community resource. We are dedicated to working with you step by step to help qualify for benefits, usually without having to sell all of your assets. Owner, Jake Mason, Certified as an Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation, will work with you step by step to provide peace of mind, respect family dynamics and personal values, and visit you wherever you call home, if needed. Mason is also board-certified in Elder Law and Estate Planning. He is dedicated to providing education on all matters related to your area of need. Our team is available to walk beside you and your loved ones through the entire process, while guiding you through the complex system with ease.

About the Company:

Mason & Associates Law Firm, formerly known as Heritage Law Group, PLLC, is a boutique Estate Planning and Elder Law firm assisting residents in Tennessee and Kentucky, with offices in Gallatin and Nashville, Tennessee. We are dedicated to providing client-centered, professional legal services that are individualized through one-on-one consultations. We delight in empowering our clients and community through education and providing specialized resources. Our integrity-driven team will help you protect your legacy while delivering outstanding quality at a reasonable cost. Your Legacy Is Our Priority™

Jake Mason, J.D., LL.M. (Elder Law & Estate Planning), CELA, EPLS, is the Owner of Mason & Associates Law Firm in Gallatin, Tennessee. He is Certified as an Elder Law Attorney with the National Elder Law Foundation, is board-certified in Estate Planning and Probate by The Estate Law Specialist Board, Inc., of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils, is accredited by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and is licensed in Kentucky and Tennessee. Mason is the only attorney in Tennessee or Kentucky with Board-Certifications in both Elder Law & Estate Planning. Contact us to schedule a consultation via phone, in-office, or video conference at or Gallatin (615) 989-7054 | Nashville (615) 619-2791.

This is general educational information and not intended to provide legal advice.

(Reference: FindLaw, National Elder Law Foundation)


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